Technical Surveillance Counter Measures

Do You Suspect You’ve Been Bugged? TSCM is What You Need

Physical listening devices and software “bugs” are unfortunately easily deployed and difficult to detect. You could be “bugged” if you are involved in a situation where proprietary or confidential information has a high financial value. ProStar’s Technical Security Counter Measures (TSCM) experts will use the most advanced technology to determine if you have a physical or digital listening device or “bug.” Then we’ll deal with it.
  • – CEO offices and boardrooms are high-risk targets
  • – High-profile divorce cases can have a risk of deployed physical listening devices
  • – Physical listening devices are difficult to detect without experts who utilize advanced detection technology
  • – Software based “bugs” can compromise phones, computers, and tablets

Covert technical surveillance is one of the most effective ways to gather sensitive information from unsuspecting targets. Ever since technology allowed this kind of operation, ProStar has been using it and consequently technical surveillance counter measures have emerged naturally. ProStar experts are well equipped and trained professional service providers that are able to detect and locate most planted physical bugs and installed digital bugs.

Physical bugs include:

  • – microphone or video camera recorders
  • – phone taps
  • – GPS trackers
  • – other hardware interception devices

Digital bugs include software installed on:

  • – Personal computers
  • – Mobile devices

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