GPS Tracking and Monitoring

Know where they are … when they moved … and how they are driving … instantly.

The Enforcer Pro GPS tracking detection device from ProStar Services: no buttons, no controls, and no complications. Simply charge the battery, plug it in, and attach the Enforcer Pro to your property or a vehicle within seconds. Once attached, ProStar’s Enforcer Pro provides Asset Tracking and Vehicle Tracking with a real-time GPS tracking device – this gives you up-to-date locations 24 hours/day with any computer connected to the internet around the world.

  • The Enforcer Pro updates the target’s location every 10 seconds.
  • The lithium-ion rechargeable battery is capable of providing 24+ days of tracking.
  • The Waterproof container and magnet mount makes the Enforcer Pro easy to install anywhere including under bumpers and under the hood.
  • Unlimited historical data is stored on a secure server.
  • The target’s locations are accurate – within six feet.

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Custom GPS Tracking Projects

ProStar Services has been considered a pioneer in the asset tracking industry – dating back before GPS was available to the general public using cellular signal triangulation. Our product designs have continually pushed the envelope and moved the company forward as quickly as technology will allow. Our only limit is our client’s imaginations! ProStar has tracked countless assets throughout the world. In addition to vehicles, here are a few of the items we have embedded GPS tracking devices in throughout the years:

  • Pay Phones
  • Ransom Bags
  • Automobiles
  • Packages
  • Donated items to charities
  • Copper wire spools
  • Animals
  • Children and Adults – GPS has allowed us to electronically escort VIP’s across the Mexican border and protect children and adults in various residential situations.
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