Custom Surveillance Solutions

Every project we are hired to complete has its unique specifications and design requirements. So, when we build a product, a member of our Custom Surveillance Solutions team will meet with you and discuss your idea to gather as much information from you so that we may strive to exceed your expectations. Our Custom Hidden Camera Solutions ranges from Stationary Surveillance to Surveillance Vehicle Construction to capture the video you need.

Since the products you need are unique to you, the main component of what our business offers are the custom surveillance solutions products. Our repeat business with many local private investigators and law enforcement agencies speaks for itself. Often times, we take on projects based on a bounty-type incentive, because we believe in our products and use those opportunities to recruit others to believe in our work as well.

So whether it is a stone, twig, truck, bicycle, drone, or even a tire in an alley – ProStar Services has you covered. We are the leading Hidden Camera Specialists in Michigan and have been in the Surveillance Solutions business for over 25 years solving issues and challenges for our clients and colleagues. In fact, our team provides both Surveillance Investigation Consulting and Surveillance Investigation Video Monitoring across the United States.


Custom Surveillance Solutions
As low as $75/day – Two day minimum

ProStar Cameras Surveillance Vehicle Footage (time-lapsed)

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ProStar Services fully guarantees our camera installations and insures they are operating at optimal performance prior to departing the scene. ProStar Services is NOT RESPONSIBLE for unforeseen conditions such as debris, dust accumulating on the lens, growth of grass or foliage, etc.

If a camera or other equipent placed by ProStar Services is discovered or damaged, ProStar will assume 100% liability for the damaged equipment. ProStar Services will NOT ASSUME RESPONSIBILITY beyond the cost of damaged equipment.

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