About Us

"We offer solutions ... not excuses."

"Give me a challenge. I welcome it. It's what inspires me to continually develop custom products and out-of-the-box solutions for my clients. ProStar Services has supplied one of the largest utility companies, best-run pharmacy chains and national plumbing supply corporation with their own custom surveillance solutions throughout my career. My custom mold designs have also been used by the US Department of Defense. I am a contractor and subject matter expert in all branches of law enforcement." - Joe Rogers, President

About ProStar Services

22 Years
... in the business
8760 Hours
Around-the-Clock Monitoring Services
3475 Cases
solved, and counting!

Our Story

Trust only the best. 

ProStar Services is a leading manufacturer of professional grade asset tracking equipment and has been creating consumer-specific surveillance solutions since 1994. An expert in professional hidden cameras, our products are used by private investigators, law enforcement agencies, utility corporations, and automotive manufacturers throughout North America. The ProStar name has a longstanding reputation for quality and durability.

Static Surveillance is trending.

Gone are the days where a private investigator sits in a car hours on end, hoping to catch incriminating footage on their camcorder. Today's investigator conducts surveillance from their home or office in real time! And our sales over the past few years prove it.